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To make your own JAR you just have to follow some very simple guidelines:

1 - Eat the jam or whatever the JAR contains, clean and dry it well.

2 - Make two holes separated from each 1.5 cm on the lid with a star screwdriver (Phillips head)

3 - Put the lid on the wall and mark the holes with a pencil.

4 - Put a number 6 bit on the drill and make the holes, put the wall plugs, place the lid, pass the screw though the washer and screw it into the wall holding the lid tightly, now you can screw the JAR on the lid, you've got it!

If you want to send it:

1 - put all the elements; instructions sheet, screws, washers and wall plugs into the closed JAR.

2 - follow the instructions that you'll find on the file "box",  to make the box and send it !

Next you’ll find the files with the instructions sheet to make the JAR and the box.

We hope you find it useful, otherwise we are open to improvements, participate!











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